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Kevin Harrington (center) kicks off a full day of judging duties at Thursday's TIA Pitch Tank. More than 30 companies enjoyed their five minutes of fame.
The BBQ-TV crew will be selling the sizzle of the Tailgating section on their YouTube channel.
Keep my eye on the WHAT?
Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills spent some tim at the Deuce Brands booth.
NASCAR diecasts were the attention-grabbers at the Lionel exhibit.
It's solids vs. stripes at Game Bibs.
It's all about attitude at Smack Apparel.
Nothing but smiles at Sporty K9.
Everything's golden at the Taildecker exhibit.
The Sports Images booth is practically exploding with cool collectibles.
The guys at Tailgate Golf are a block off the old chip.
Mike Valencia prepares for his pitch.
They do this after every sale..
This game must be played to be believed.
The gears are always turning at the Toy Factory.
You want HOW many cold ones?
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