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Photos by Mark Stewart


Frank Radell of Norwood House reports that the Ohio State book for kids is outselling Michigan. And the Red Sox. And the Phillies. Go Brutus Buckeye!
Roy Sharda, Jay Dhillon and Jennifer Strait take a break at the busy MyDomz booth.
A Roomba for beer—now you’re talking! Ian Chisholm takes the RC Cooler for a spin.
Philly Phanatic Kerri Caputa has been doing brisk business at Sports Images.
Robert Scherba and John Kleban of Inflatable Images are betting on the Steelers.
Party Animal Brian Truskot shows off his red-hot Lil’ teammates.
According to Keith Leigh-Monstevens, the seat of power in any parking lot is the TaleGator.
Card shark Andy Mendelson is having a good show with his MLB-licensed Sports Equation educational product.
Andy Greespan is having a lights-out show with Tessuta’s MLB line.
Minor league product is a major league seller for Janyce Mabra of TriStar Productions.
The guys at Upper Deck stand and deliver.
Grills gone wild! Russ Freeman and Chris Moss show off the V-8 style FAB Grill.
Dog days are good days for Sharon Kelly of Sporty K9.


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