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Photos by Mark Stewart



Jack Smith leads his Tour de Force through the Tailgate Show.
And they’re off! The crowd streams onto the show floor at 9:000 a.m. sharp.
Darryl DMC McDaniels and Bill Devaney at the Nokona booth. McDaniels later performed at the show’s opening night party.
Business is %&@#ing awesome at Pro•FAN•ity.
Shawn Reniker is on the hot seat at Inno-Labs.
Tailgating Rules at Radhand!
Buyers are taking their cues from the ’boys at Imperial Intl.
Three cheers for Heather Logan and Pomchies.
The lineup is impressive at Campus Couture.
Plenty to cheer about at the Schutt exhibit.
Promark busts out its Broncos headrest cover.
Tight squeeze at the Aminco exhibit.
Kicking it old school at Promotional Partners.
Know-it-all Monique Stone peddles some QB Power.
Pro Freshener returns to Vegas with an expanded product line.
There’s a strict hands-on policy at the GSC booth.
Things are warm and fuzzy at the Market Identity booth.
Plenty of new goodies at the Rico/Tag Express exhibit.


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