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How to make your first sports bet on the internet

Making your first sports bet on the internet can be simple when you use booking websites which enable the bettor to determine the odds of the bet as well as choosing companies that can enable you to make the most of the bets which are being made.
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New UK Betting Sites & Spread Betting

There are many ways to earn some money with UK bookmakers. Besides its regular game bets, now you can try with spread betting. Spread betting is a sort of gambling where you have to be right in your predictions. Everything that you need to do is guessing whether the bookmaker is right or wrong in his assumption, see here a list of new betting sites for sprad betting. If you are successful in these predictions, your winning chances will be greater than ever. There is no exception with paying, and you will have all your earned money in front of you. What a chance!


Bet365 Group ltd is known to be an online company meant for gambling, it was established by the British in the UK. It has developed globally and it is now having more than 30 million customers all the world.

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Park It Here
FannyMat Giving Consumers a Way to Avoid Junk on Their Trunk

Have you ever ruined a pair of pants with a stain from the rear bumper of your car as you rummage through the back looking for something? Tailgaters certainly know this feeling. So do golfers, soccer moms and outdoor athletes. Fortunately, Alan Gramet has a solution to the problem.

"The FannyMat is the ultimate accessory for your car," he says. "It easily installs in 90 seconds and provides a safe, clean and comfortable place to put your gear."

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Passion for Fashion
Signorelli Offers Unique Spin on Licensed Casual Wear

There's no denying that the fashion-forward trend is here to stay in the licensed apparel marketplace. Anyone who walked the aisles at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in January can attest to that. One company that turned a lot of heads was Signorelli.

The brainchild of designer Meredith Garrett, Signorelli launched back in 2005 out of Los Angeles, where the company still does all its manufacturing. Garrett's original vision was a brand that pushed the fashion envelope in women's casual wear. She remains committed to that mission today.

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Steady & Strong
Las Vegas Show Reflects Upswing in Economy

America's unquenchable passion for sports generates countless billions in consumer spending—year in and year out, across every conceivable demographic. This powerful force was on display once again at the 2012 Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in January. More than 300 manufacturers and 5,700 retail buyers attended the trade-only event, which has grown steadily since its first year in 2006. After a jump in attendance of 26% from 2010 to 2011, the challenge was to keep those numbers moving upward, while increasing the number of exhibitors offering new products. The number of buyers in attendance rose from 5,688 in 2011 to 5,748, while the number of exhibitor booths climbed more than 15% to 589.

"What the numbers tell us is that these are two healthy industries," says Marti Soroka, Director of Buyer Relations. "Also, when you look inside the numbers, what you see is the interrelationship between sports licensing and tailgating products. The end consumers for the two industries represented at this show are one in the same—or at least share the same passion for their favorite teams and sports."

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Ho! Ho! Ho!
Sporty Claus Bringing Year-Round Holiday Cheer

At Sporty Claus, everyday is a holiday, though that doesn't mean co-owners Kenny and Nicole Neeld ever take a break. Since starting their company four years ago, the husband-wife team has discovered that their molded, airbrushed Santas are hot items year-round. "Santa makes your smile," says Nicole, "especially when he's in your team colors."

Licensing, in fact, is the next big step in the evolution of Sporty Claus. The company debuted at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in January to an overwhelming reception. The Neelds are convinced that licensed Santas—which retail anywhere from $79.99 to $99.99—will be a big hit with sports fans.

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Rain King
Seven Sons Taking Industry by Storm with Licensed Rain Gear

One segment of the licensed apparel industry that you don't hear a lot about is foul weather gear. But for football fans in particular, staying warm and dry is a must because games are played rain, snow or shine. That's where Seven Sons enters the picture. The company has been making licensed rain jackets, ponchos and umbrellas for more than 20 years.

"We're licensed with all 32 NFL teams and more than 100 schools," says Michael Collins, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "This is the backbone of our business."

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A Passion for Fashion
Sportiqe Making Inroads in Licensed Apparel

Jason Franklin, the co-founder of Sportiqe, still remembers the inspiration to start his company. He and his friends loved going to sporting events, but they always walked right by the team shops because nothing caught their attention. "I saw a void in the licensed marketplace for fans concerned about fashion," says Franklin. "I decided to give them apparel they could understand."

Seven years later, Sportiqe is authoring a true David & Goliath story. Competing against the big boys in the licensed apparel industry, the company has made a powerful statement with its collection of t-shirts, v-necks, thermals, hoodies and track jackets for men and women. Sportiqe's licenses include the NBA, NCAA, USTA, World Series of Poker and ESPN.

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Patch Work
EyeBlack Looking to Make a Big Push at Retail

Peter Beveridge, the CEO of EyeBlack, sheepishly calls his company "the best kept secret in sports." But the irony is that EyeBlack products are among the most visible on the field and in the marketplace. Football players at more than 100 schools nationwide wear EyeBlack patches every Saturday. So do plenty of MLB stars. The company also has individual agreements with several NFL stars, including LaMarr Woodley, Adrian Wilson and Stevie Johnson.

"Our original mission was to provide athletes with functional EyeBlack that really works," says Beveridge. Indeed, EyeBlack offers four different shapes (Warrior, Smear, Original and Clear) in licensed and unlicensed styles. The company also does custom work designed for the team marketplace.

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Simply Sporty Bringing Fashion-Forward Femininity to Sports Apparel

When Lusine Mkrtchyan started Simply Sporty just over a year ago, she knew exactly what she wanted to bring to the sports apparel marketplace. Tired of making due with run-of-the-mill styles, the USC graduate took a fashion-forward approach to licensed clothing. After Simply Sporty's maiden voyage to the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show, Mkrtchyan is sure she's on the right track.

"I originally debated about exhibiting at the show because we're such a young company," she says. "It turned out to be a great decision. We got face time with a lot of key people, from retailers and buyers to different leagues and licensing experts. It's important for people to not only see our line but also feel how soft it is to the touch."

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Flame On
BIC USA Rolling Out Hot Products for 2012

Few exhibitors at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show embody the spirit of these two markets as well as BIC does. The company's product mix appeals to both the devoted sports fan and the dedicated tailgater. If you happen to sell to both consumers (as many retailers do) then a stop at the BIC exhibit is well worth penciling in to your show itinerary.

Sports fans may already be familiar with BIC® Pro Series® Lighters, featuring some of the most popular teams from professional football, baseball, hockey and soccer. Suggested retail for the lighters is $1.79.

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Fashion Meets Function with Brewsees
Tailgaters Wrapping Their Minds Around New Eyewear Product

In the tailgating world, the skilled multi-tasker can achieve godlike status. The ability to do many things at once is what separates the men from the boys when the flame's on and the beer is flowing. Which explains the success of Brewsees, the stylish sunglasses that double as a bottle opener. Since hitting the market at the end of summer, they have been selling extremely well and already have a devoted Facebook and Twitter following.

"It's not obvious they are openers," says Rob Ianelli. "Brewsees are a great pair of sunglasses with a plastic polycarbonate frame, polarized lenses, and an airplane-grade aluminum opener housed at the end of the temple arms. The fact they open up bottles is almost secondary."

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MAN LAW Offers BBQ Service with a Smile
Getting Grilling Up To Code

Getting comfortable around a grill is one of those things that determines a guy's passage into manhood. Talk to any man and he thinks he's the best thing to ever happen to grilling. So it wasn't a stretch when the designers of MAN LAW BBQ utensils realized one Saturday afternoon, while flipping burgers, that there had to be something out there to improve upon one of man's favorite things to do.

"Basically it's barbecuing with an attitude," says Eric Halberg. "Our motto is good fire, good beer. All of our products have oversized handles, heavy-gauge 2.5 millimeter stainless steel—very manly tools, but with a humorous influence, too."

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A Great Idea All-Around
rEvolve "Chairing" a Tailgating Revolution

It's no secret that collapsible, portable fabric chairs have changed how Americans enjoy the great outdoors. Indeed, they are everywhere—tailgating, backdoor barbecues, or your kid's soccer game. But that didn't stop Todd Hills of rEvolve Chairs from trying to improve on the idea.

"The concept itself came up from a group of guys," he says. "We wondered what would be beneficial to the chair. And it was the swivel. You wouldn't have to always get up and always move around. You would just have to move left to right."

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Power Broker
Generac Meeting the Energy Needs of Tailgaters Nationwide

What's a tailgate party without any power? Thanks to Generac, sports fans never have to answer that question. The company offers a wide range of power generators, including many that are portable.

At this year's Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show, Generac will be showing the LP3250 portable generator and the GP3250 portable generator. "The LP3250 has been very well received," says Marketing Communications Specialist Art Aiello. "It is the only propane-fueled portable generator on the market that integrates the fuel tank into the chassis for exceptional portability and ease of use. The LP3250 has been featured on NBC's Today Show, and was also a recipient of a 2011 Retailers Choice Award from the North American Retail Hardware Association."

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Fast, Cool & Convenient
TurboChill Zooms into Tailgating Market

Nothing brings down a tailgating party like lukewarm beer. Tim Fenner felt that there had to be a better way to keep kegs cold. So he invented the TurboChill, a device he calls " the Ferrari of draft systems."

"We can pour a pint of beer in two to three seconds, with no need to refrigerate the keg and no electricity needed," Fenner says. "You can pour your beer at three times the speed, with zero waste, and your product is going to be served at 35 degrees. So your beer is as cold as you can get it… and your servers are serving beer three times faster. If you're in a high volume area – you can't beat it."

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Let There Be Light
Cloia Enterprises Making Corn Toss a Night Game

Corn toss is enjoyed all over the country these days. In fact, it's so popular that America's service men and women oversees play it too. So when Paul Dytmire of Cloia Enterprises and friends played late into the night, and vision became a problem, he came up with a novel idea—the Lite Da' Nite LED Score Tower

"I feel like this product really has a cool factor to it," says Dytmire. Currently, he is the process of putting Lite Da' Nite into production. Dytmire has received a patent for the product, which brings a whole new dimension to corn toss competition.

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TIA Bringing Tailgating 'Pitch Tank' to Las Vegas
Manufacturers, Innovators and Inventors
Heading for a Date with Destiny at Mandalay Bay

The Tailgating Industry Association (TIA) has forged an agreement with TVGoods, Inc. and its Chairman, Kevin Harrington, to produce a Tailgating Pitch Tank at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show this January. Harrington—one of the stars of the ABC show Shark Tank—will be among the judges on the Pitch Tank panel. The pre-qualifying process is being handled by Hakan & Associates.

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