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The Open Fire Popper brings the whole family together.
Appetite for Success
Wabash Valley Farms Pursues New Markets with Popcorn-Themed Products
February 10, 2009

Of all the exhibitors at the 2009 Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show, none had more “pop” than Wabash Valley Farms. Of course, what would you expect from the maker of the original Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper?

“Looking around the show floor, we didn’t see another product comparable to ours,” says Tom Ancil, who oversees sales and promotional opportunities for Wabash Valley Farms. ‘We occupy a unique spot in the marketplace.”

The company arrived in Las Vegas eager to learn more about the licensed sports and tailgating industries—and to show off its line of fun and easy-to-use products. Wabash Valley Farms is best known for the Whirley Pop, an old-fashioned popcorn popper that works anywhere. “The Whirley Pop is perfect for tailgating,” says Ancil. “Lots of people take it on the road in their RVs.”

With the Whacky Snack Bowl, snack time becomes fun time for kids.

Wabash Valley Farms also treated show attendees to three new products: the Open Fire Popper, Wild Fling Bowl and Whacky Snack Bowl. The Open Fire Popper was designed for use on a grill, fire pit or indoor stove. It features a detachable two-foot handle that makes for quick and convenient storage.

Like the Open Fire Popper, the Wild Fling Bowl and Whacky Snack Bowl are also naturals for sports fans and tailgaters. Both offer interactive games and activities for hours of fun. The Wild Fling Bowl, for example, has a flipping device and interchangeable hoop and goal post for popcorn shooting competitions—plus built-in holders for a remote control and drink cups. The Whack Snack Bowl includes drawing pads and crayons.

“Both are great for families,” notes Ancil. “The Whacky Snack Bowl is more of a kids version of the Wild Fling Bowl.”

The Wild Fling Bowl—he shoots, he scores, he eats like a champ.

According to Ancil, Wabash Valley Farms has an excellent opportunity to carve out a profitable niche in the sports marketplace. The company is exploring increased national exposure with tailgaters. Licensing is also an option, especially given the company’s success with customized product.

“The trend toward stay-cations has enhanced our profile,” says Ancil. “With the current economic conditions, we fit very well.”



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