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Heritage banners from Winnning Streak.
Banner Year Ahead for Winning Streak Sports
Vintage Wool Products Hanging Tough
March 3, 2009

One of the busiest booths in Las Vegas—and not surprisingly—one of the busiest companies post-show has been Winning Streak Sports, which has been manufacturing classic wool pennants and banners for more than a decade. Winning Streak drew lots of attention at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show with its new Heritage Collection of banners. Each shows the evolution of a team’s logo over the decades.

Super Bowl banners from Winnning Streak.

Another popular, and timely, product for Winning Streak has been its Super Bowl Collection. Each banner commemorates the winner of one of the 43 Super Bowls, including the soon-to-come Steelers’ SBXLIII, and measures 8" x 32". Like the Heritage line, the Super Bowl banners are made on high-quality wool fabric with embroidery and appliqued designs.



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