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A Red Sox wireless mouse

A Talk on the Wild Side
Q&A with Jack Queally, President of Wild Sales
January 10, 2011

Sometimes there’s no telling where the licensed business is going to take a manufacturer. A case in point is Wild Sales. Launched in 2004 as a specialist in outdoor games, growth at Wild Sales has been, well, wild. 2010 was a big year for the company, with expansion into new product categories and market segments. Jack Queally talked to us about the recent successes of Wild Sales and where the company is headed.

LOGO: Wild Sales introduced a licensed wireless mouse line in 2010. How has it performed?

Jack Queally: It’s doing very well. We partnered with Best Buy on the launch, and sales have been great. The mouse offers the latest in technology and is available in NFL, MLB and college teams.

LOGO: Perhaps the most exciting product launch from Wild Sales was your line of NFL and collegiate Tim Wolfe statues. Tell us about that.

The Tim Wolfe Notre Dame Four Horsemen Statue

Jack Queally: We own the Tim Wolfe brand, which got its start in the outdoor world. But we’re so heavily entrenched in licensing that it made sense to take it in a new direction. Each statue is hand carved and carefully antiqued. We’re not talking about just slapping a logo on a statue. These pieces strike at the heart of the passionate sports fan. They elicit an emotional response.

The Notre Dame statue is a perfect example. It shows the famous Four Horseman in alabaster stone and resin with a hand-painted bronze patina finish. Any Notre Dame grad who works in an executive setting would absolutely love it.

LOGO: Are there plans to expand the Tim Wolfe collection?

Jack Queally:
Yes. After the folks at MLB saw it, they wanted in on it. We’ll be coming out with three pieces in 2011, replicas of Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium.

LOGO: The Tim Wolfe collection is also important because it allowed Wild Sales to move into new market segments.

Jack Queally:
Exactly. We launched the line on HSN, and it doubled their expectations. We’ve been able to expand into the home and gift market, which has provided a huge opportunity for us. Each statue is hand-numbered as well, which gives the line a collectibles component.

A Florida 2x4 Tailgate Table

This is a whole new world for Wild Sales. We’re going to follow up with more office products, including lamps and paperweights.

LOGO: Does this mean you’re paying any less attention to the outdoor games category?

Jack Queally:
Absolutely not. We saw strong growth in tailgate and outdoor games in 2010. Our market share is high, and more important, so is our retailer customer satisfaction.

But Wild Sales isn’t only about games. We’re enhancing the entire tailgating experience. For example, we now have a new line of tables. It is actually growing more rapidly than many of the more traditional tailgate products.




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