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The Upper Deck 'Curve' Mult-Purpose Memorabilia & Collectibles Display Case

Displays of Affection
Upper Deck Making a Case for Collectors
January 3, 2011

Memorabilia collectors are an obsessive lot. As retailers carrying Upper Deck products know, when collectors see something they’ve got to have, well, they’ll find a way to get it. Eventually, however, collectors all face the same dilemma—how do I show off and also protect my prized possessions? Upper Deck has come up with a stylish answer with the Curve Display.

The Upper Deck Curve Display accommodates a baseball, hockey puck or golf ball along with an 8x 10 photo in a sleek, eye-catching mini shadow box. The collector supplies the contents.

Limited edition Michael Jordan Autographed Game-Used Floor Vertica Curvel Display

The Curve Display is available as a do-it-yourself product with a suggested retail price of $99. It also comes pre-made with memorabilia from legends Michael Jordan or Bobby Orr, and current stars Tiger Woods or Steve Stamkos.

“The Curve Display is something I’m proud of, and collectors have really responded to,” says Product Manager Steve Sloan. “It came out in early summer and sold out right away.”

According to Sloan, the universality of the case is an appealing element for retailers and shop owners. He also points out that the Curve Display can be a problem-solver for retailers. “You can make new product out of old inventory.”

Two other display items will be making their industry debuts at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show. The first is a large version of the Curve Display that is designed to hold larger items, including basketballs, football helmets and game-used footwear.

The other is a high-end art item featuring Michael Jordan’s autographs and handprint on 12 x 12 squares. The Jordan piece measures a total of 34 x 34 and includes NBA imagery. It is inspired by the Japanese, who traditionally honor their world-class athletes with this type of product.

Limited edition Bobby Orr Autographed NHL Puck in Commemorative Curve Display

“It’s an attention grabber,” says Sloan.




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