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TIA Launches Tailgating Business e-Newsletter
First Issue of On the Plate Hits Industry In-Boxes
August 1, 2011

Last month, the The Tailgating Industry Association (TIA) began reaching out to manufacturers and suppliers to join its newly formed trade association. This month, TIA is reaching out to thousands of retailers with the premiere edition of its e-newsletter, entitled On the Plate. The colorful and informative four-page document covers the business side of tailgating, and includes perspectives that are relevant to businesses that sell to tailgating public, as wells as tailgating manufacturers.

Among the topics covered are the impact of Nebraska joining the Big Ten, the Washington Redskins "going solar," ESPN The Magazine's recent fan-centric issue, guidelines for use of TIA's Flipping Awesome logo, and a deal in the works to deliver deeply discounted ad rates to TIA members in national publications. On the Plate also spotlights breaking news from TIA members—including a "casting call" by a TV production company and sponsorship opportunities for a planned Guinness record bocce throw.

TIA's distribution list includes thousands of retailers who currently carry tailgating products, as well as tailgating manufacturers, media, alumni groups, college sports information departments and North American stadium operators. Anyone wishing to receive the On the Plate can sign up free of charge at www.tiassn.org.

TIA Membership Director Marti Soroka has been fielding questions from prospective members since the membership kits hit in late June. She points out that the initial group of TIA members enjoyed an unusually strong presence in the first e-Newsletter.

"This is one of the 'bang-for-the-buck' advantages of joining TIA this summer," says Soroka. "For a membership fee of a few hundred dollars, getting thousands of eyeballs on your tailgating product or promotion is a great deal."

"TIA is set up as a traditional trade organization in that its goal is to promote the interests of its members, with a particular focus on maximizing the relationship between manufacturers and the wide range of retailers that sell to the tailgating public," adds Mark Stewart, TIA Executive Director. "Where we differ is that TIA has been set up to address the goals of both the very large companies and the relatively small ones. This issue of On the Plate is a perfect example of that."

According to Stewart, TIA's aim is to build membership up over 200 during the next 12 months. "That will give TIA the strength, on behalf of its members, to open doors its individual members typically can't," he explains. "For a company with a great tailgating product or promotion, getting a foot in the door is 90% of the battle—whether you're dealing with a major retailer, alumni group, stadium operator, or a sports league or conference."

"Bureaucracies like to deal with bureaucracies. It's an unfortunate fact of business these days, but fortunately for our members, it creates a natural role for TIA to step in and help get business done."




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