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Fast, Cool & Convenient
TurboChill Zooms into Tailgating Market
November 15, 2011

Nothing brings down a tailgating party like lukewarm beer. Tim Fenner felt that there had to be a better way to keep kegs cold. So he invented the TurboChill, a device he calls " the Ferrari of draft systems."

"We can pour a pint of beer in two to three seconds, with no need to refrigerate the keg and no electricity needed," Fenner says. "You can pour your beer at three times the speed, with zero waste, and your product is going to be served at 35 degrees. So your beer is as cold as you can get it… and your servers are serving beer three times faster. If you're in a high volume area – you can't beat it."

When Fenner first envisioned TurboChill, he thought about how it could also be used at tailgate parties, home-gating parties, camping trips, family outings, music festivals, wedding receptions and special events. It eliminates the need for hauling cases of beer to a location, which means no more cans, bottles, cardboard boxes and bottle caps to contend with.

"It's perfect for stadium concessions," said Fenner. "It eliminates long lines and moves people faster, which will enable you to sell more hot dogs, more pretzels and your beer is always going to be cold. If you're walking through the concourse and you see long lines, a lot of people just keep walking. But if the line is moving, you're going to sell more beer."

The technology was created by the engineering team at Laminar Technologies, an industry leader in draft beer technology.  TurboChill sits over the keg and eliminates the typical issues normally associated with mobile beer cooling units. No pumping, no foam, and with one bag of ice you're set for an entire party.  An informational video runs on the company's web site.

"We're not re-inventing the wheel," Fenner says. "We're just making it a lot better. We hope to show people that everything else is inferior to our product."




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