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The LSU Laptop Breathe Sleeve
Tribeca Has Electronics Market Covered
College Licensed Flash Drives, Netbook Covers, Phone Cases Will Star in Vegas

January 11, 2010

In four short years, Tribeca has become a one-stop shop for sports-oriented consumer electronics. If a fan wants a flash drive, laptop or netbook sleeve, computer bag, iPhone, Droid or Blackberry case—or just about any other electronic accessory emblazoned with a college logs and colors—they know that Tribeca probably makes it.

“Electronics are increasingly mobile and more fashion-oriented than ever,” says founder and CEO Albert Oh. “This is a great opportunity for retailers.”

The Ohio State Spirit Stick USB Flash Drive

Tribeca knew it was on to something when, in the spring of 2007, it started launching its electronics portfolio into hundreds of college bookstores. Soon students and alumni were buying flash drives and laptop sleeves by the thousands. When the iPhone hit, Tribeca’s cases became top sellers, too.

After solid success in college bookstores and similar retail outlets, the company took a great leap forward in 2009 when Best Buy and Target bought into the entire portfolio. “At Target, we did six times the original expectation,” Oh says.

Target isn’t the only retailer happy about Tribeca’s week-in, week-out performance. Indeed, the stores that carry its products are often amazed at the return on investment.

The University of Kentucky iPhone Duo Shell

“They are consistently surprised by the sell-through and gross margin opportunity,” says Oh, adding that “to do a licensed section like this without Tribeca would be very difficult. You’d need to source from ten or twelve vendors to get the same mix. We offer a chance to work with one reliable vendor with a great program. It’s much more manageable.”

Tribeca now has around 300 school licenses, and hopes to partner with pro leagues like MLB and the NFL in the near future. Its merchandising is clean, colorful and understandable, and takes up around 4' x 4' on a wall or end cap. Oh adds that Tribeca will have all of its new products on display in Las Vegas at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show.




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