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Tailgater N A Box sets up easily and includes an optional color TV.
Thinking Inside the Box
Recreational Kitchens Moving Full Speed Ahead on Tailgater N A Box
July 20, 2009

There’s no misunderstanding Randy Caba of Recreational Kitchens when he talks about the business plan for his new product, Tailgater N A Box. “My focus is manufacturing,” he says. “In terms of volume, we’re set up to make 20,000 a year. For sales, I want to establish a retail network. I’m not interested in selling to consumers one unit at a time.”

Caba’s no-nonsense approach goes hand in hand with the utility of his patent-pending product. Tailgater N A Box is an all-in-one tailgating package that comes complete with an outdoor kitchen, gas grill, refrigerator, sink, running water and AC/DC power supply. Optional items include a pony or half-keg tapper and an LCD television.

“Tailgater N A Box is perfect for tailgating, camping and picnics, or just use it to party in the boonies,” says Caba. “It fits on any vehicle and is easy to put on and take off. In addition to being mobile, the Tailgater N A Box can easily be removed from the cargo carrier for greater utility and use on a patio, campsite or marina dock.”

Tailgater N A Box transports on the back of most vehicles. Inventor Randy
Caba hopes to find a licensing partner to create logo covers.

The idea for the Tailgater N A Box came to Caba just recently. He and his wife Betty—who he calls the driving force behind him—were in the market for an outdoor kitchen, but price became an obstacle. “We couldn’t find anything for less than $3,000 to $4000,” he says.

That prompted Caba, whose 30-year professional background is in the rotational molding plastic process, to begin experimenting with his own designs. The Tailgater N A Box was born. “It’s made from durable one-piece polyolefin, which makes it service free,” he explains. “It won’t degrade in sunlight, peel, corrode or rot. It washes easily with dish soap and a hose.”

In many ways, Caba says, the Tailgater N A Box is still a work in progress. He is currently field-testing the product and continually looking for areas to improve it. In the meantime, he has signed up to exhibit at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in Las Vegas in January of 2010.

“I want to find retail partners,” says Caba. “The show is a good place for that. I’m also interested in talking to suppliers of sports licensed products that will enhance the Tailgater N A Box. Licensing isn’t our priority. I’d rather work with someone who has those deals in place.”




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