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The "Tail-Gators" Go Plate
No Table? No Chairs? No Problem.
Go Plate Gives Tailgaters a (Third) Hand

December 29, 2009

While many in the industry regard The Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show as “two shows within a show,” companies like Tek Packaging remind us how well these two markets can work together with products like the Go Plate. The Go Plate is a unique plate concept designed for inside and outside social events, which enables the user to hold a beverage and plate of food in one hand.

The Go Plate concept began showing up in stadium parking lots and backyard gatherings a couple of years ago as a simple, clear plastic product. Tek Packgaing purchased the rights to produce the Go Plate with the brilliant colors and team logos of the top colleges. Basically, the company took a great tailgating idea and carried it over the goal line.

What exactly did Tek bring to the party?

The Iowa Hawkeyes Go Plate

“We have ability to do pre-print,” explains Kevin Volden, Sales Manager for Tek Packaging. “That means we’re printing the plastic before we form it. This allows us to do a lot of really creative things from a licensing standpoint. The concept is absolutely perfect for tailgating and big social events.”

“Our goals at this show,” says Volden, “are to get our product out in front of people and really show the capabilities for the Go Plate preprinting process. There's tremendous potential.”

Tek Packaging is a leading thermoforming company. About half their business is geared toward high-end medical device or pharmaceutical products packaging. The other half is spread across a wide range of products you see every day in grocery, drug and auto stores.

The Oregon Ducks Go Plate

The Go Plate is available in packages of 10, 21 and 42. It works with, bottles, cups, and cans. Expect to see a growing number of schools represented, and perhaps in the not-too-distant future some pro teams as well.





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