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Sports Licensing & entertainment Marketplace
Sports Licensed and Tailgate Industry Green-Light January 2008 Show
Buyers, Sellers & Leagues Confirm Need for Strong Trade Event

Time is money. And when there is money to be made in the licensed sports business, timing is important. These two ideas converged in discussions with licensors, licensed manufacturers and licensed buyers in the days following the Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show, which debuted in Las Vegas last November.

The result of these talks was a clear, across-the-board consensus: The industry wants and needs a robust annual trade event.

Thus the next Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show will be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 16 to 18, 2008 at a new venue, the Sands/Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tailgate Picnic Show



A Yankees Team Tin—each tin holds 2.1 ounces of delicious mint candy.

Candy Land
Team Tins Giving New World Taste of Licensed Success
August 6, 2007

Richard Danoff, the CEO of New World Management, knows a sweet deal when he sees one. That’s why he’s so excited about his company’s latest venture, Team Tins, an import from leading German candy maker Kalfany BonBon that New World has matched with an MLB license. “Team Tins will have great appeal with baseball fans of all ages,” says Danoff. “Kids, in particular, will go crazy for them.”

The shape and size of a hockey puck, Team Tins feature individual team logos in vivid, lustrous detail on the top of the container and hard mint candy inside. New World is licensed for all 30 MLB teams, but will launch with the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Braves, Cubs, White Sox, Cardinals, Angels and Dodgers. The company will roll out the rest of the line by the start of the 2009 season.

The Braves Team Tin

New World will introduce Team Tins to the U.S. market in September at the All Candy Expo in Chicago. But, Danoff says, the product has a much wider audience than the places that consumers normally expect to find candy, which is where sporting good stores and fans shops come into the picture. “We’re also positioning Team Tins as a collectible,” he explains. “Once you’re done with the candy, the tin itself is a great keepsake.”

New World will test this theory in January of 2008 at the Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show. So far, Danoff reports, the response from retailers and buyers has been terrific. At $3.99, Team Tins are priced well, and their eye-catching graphics have real pop.

“Team Tins are a true impulse purchase,” says Danoff. “They are very accessible and easy for consumers to understand. We see them as great gift items, especially as stocking stuffers during the holiday season.”

The Cubs Team Tin

Danoff is also excited about the potential life cycle of Team Tins. For example, the tin is easily updated with either retro or embossed logos. Kalfany also has a variety of flavors, all of which New World will unveil along the way.

Eventually, Danoff envisions pursuing other sports licenses, including the NFL and NASCAR. For the time being, however, he feels Team Tins are best suited for baseball. “The numbers are there,” he says. “It’s a multi-generational game with a broad fan base, and the selling season is longer than any other sport. We wanted to start in a market with as much potential as possible.”



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