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A mock-up of a hoops Beverage Ball

The Ball’s In Your Court
Q&A with Frank Roberts, President (North America) of SV Manufacturing Group
January 14, 2011

Frank Roberts is going to the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show on a mission. He is set to introduce Beverage Balls and Beverage Tank Sports Helmets, a fun new collection of drink containers developed by SV Manufacturing Group. His hope is to partner with a company that has experience in sports licensing. He talked with us about attending his first show.

LOGO: Tell us a little about SV Manufacturing Group:

Frank Roberts: We are an OEM producer of many types of products. Our customers range from medical equipment, marine products, toys, and sporting goods to barbecues and garden equipment. We several partner factories in Taiwan and China. Our main office is in Taiwan, and we have staff at our factories in China. I am located in Tucson Arizona.

LOGO: Where did the idea come from for Beverage Balls and Beverage Tank Sports Helmets?

Frank Roberts: Many kids and adults carry beverages from water to Gatorade in various containers. A container in the shape of the ball or helmet representing the sport they play or are a fan of was a natural. Every time at the stadium, the kids want another souvenir that they don't have.

LOGO: What is the plan for the product launch?

Frank Roberts: We are looking to expose this new innovative product line to wholesalers and retailers. We want to develop a relationship with a company that is active in sports licensing to take the line to market with team and league logos.

LOGO: Who is the target consumer?

Young athletes are a natural consumer group for Beverage Balls and Beverage Tank Sports Helmets.

Frank Roberts: Sports fans, game attendees, youth teams, and active sporting participants such as recreational golf, tennis, and soccer players.

LOGO: What types of retailers are you targeting?

Frank Roberts: Stadium stores, internet sellers, retail chains—anywhere sports team items or sporting goods are sold.

LOGO: What is the one message you’d like to deliver one message to the retailers and buyers who will be walking the show floor in Vegas?

Frank Roberts: We are looking for one or more brand marketers. We will manufacture Beverage Balls and Helmets for them with their exclusive licensed logos. Our primary objective is to connect with a current successful marketer to exclusively take the products to market as part of their offering. In this learning experience, we may decide to go to market on our own as a second choice.




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