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The SportMast, one of tailgating’s hottest new products.
Riding the Wave
SportMast Giving Fans a New Way to Show Team Spirit
May 26, 2009

Throw the flag! Or better yet, hang it on the patented trailer hitch flagpole from SportMast. The company made its debut this past January at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show, and owner and creator Marc Oakley says his product has shown great promise. “So far we’ve sold primarily online, through our website and tailgating websites,” he reports. “But we want to expand and sell in as many different places as possible.”

To that end, SportMast is working on an infomercial that will run in July. Oakley expects the programming to have a big impact. “Sports enthusiasts and tailgaters are the obvious initial market,” he says. “I get such an enthusiastic response whenever I use my SportMast. It stands up to highway speeds and is easy to spot in a stadium parking lot.”

The SportMast is easy to attach and very sturdy,

Oakley is a diehard Dodgers fan who lives in San Diego. Whenever he makes the trip north to Chavez Ravine, he proudly waves his team colors from a SportMast attached to the back of his car. In fact, his pilgrimages to Dodger Stadium were the inspiration for his product.

“I was at Opening Day in 2007,” Oakley recalls. “I wanted a way to show my team spirit. The SportMast grew from there.”

Two years later the company is set to take some important steps. A licensing tie-in is one possible avenue. Oakley is also eager to establish a larger presence at retail.

“For a sports fan, there’s noting better than celebrating your allegiance to your team in a robust way,” he says. “The SportMast makes that excitement contagious. It makes your trip to the game much more fun.”




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