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The standard Snack Palette, available in a variety of colors.

A Full Plate
The Snack Palette Finds Receptive Audiences in Tailgating and Licensing
March 16, 2010

There’s a learning curve when launching into any new industry, particularly sports licensing and tailgating. The keys to success include understanding how your offering fits into the vast product landscape and knowing how and when to leverage your marketing muscle. Duane Ebesu, the Managing Partner of Ebesu Corp., has gained much greater insight into both, thanks to his appearance at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in January.

“It was a great show,” he says. “We were happy to somewhere that takes tailgating seriously. We were able to showcase our products in our element.”

For Ebesu, that meant the official introduction of the Snack Palette, a plate designed specifically for tailgating. With its inspiration in catering, the Snack Palette comes in two sizes and a multitude of colors. “We got a great reception,” says Ebesu. “We weren’t set up to take orders, though we could have. Our goal was to establish business relationships, which is exactly what happened.”

The tailgating version is larger and designed for heartier foods.

One reason that the show proved so beneficial for Ebesu was the audience. “The show is suited perfectly to products like ours,” he says. “People picked up the Snack Palette and saw it in action.”

Ebesu also enjoyed an unexpected boost—he discovered the myriad licensing opportunities available for the Snack Palette. “Our plate is begging to be licensed,” he says. “We talked to lots of people from the licensing side of the show. Imprinting and logoing are obvious outlets for the Snack Palette.”

Indeed, Ebesu is now convinced that the Snack Palette has profitable applications outside of the catering industry. “Tailgating and licensing will become a bigger part of our business,” he says. “Neither market is diminishing in size. We need to be part of both.”






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