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Room with a View
Sky Box Redefining Home Decoration with Photomurals
March 18, 2008

What sports fan wouldn’t want a year-round view of their favorite big-league ballpark right in the comfort of their own home? That’s the question Sky Box Sport Scenes is asking, and Wes Wilson likes the answer he’s hearing. “We’re finding that our consumer base reaches a huge cross-section,” he says. “From kids’ bedrooms to man caves and home entertainment rooms. Women make up a big part of our market. We also have a receptive audience in bars, restaurants and offices.”

PhotoMurals are a great addition to bedrooms.

Sky Box was founded in 2003. The company makes photomurals of Major League stadiums. Two sizes are offered, 8 ft. x 12 ft. and 4 ft. by 6 ft. Sky Box holds an MLB license. According to Wilson, the company is concentrating on expanding its licensing reach. “We’re in discussions with NASCAR and the properties that represent the tracks,” he says. “We also see carry over to the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS.”

Sky Box initially made its name in home decoration and the wallpaper industry. In fact, the company prints a wallpaper catalog that showcases all of its offerings. The challenge, according to Wilson, is transitioning to the sports licensed marketplace.

“Our photomurals have numerous applications,” he says. “We’re sold in some sporting stores and MLB shops. We’re working with retailers on the best way to display our products.”

The Boston Red Sox Fenway Park PhotoMural

For the time being, Sky Box will continue to mine the distribution channels it has already created. “Our photomurals are unique and highly appealing,” says Wilson. “The feedback we get from consumers is very positive. Our products go beyond the game—they bring the feel and architecture of stadiums to your home.”



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