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Sports Licensing & entertainment Marketplace
Sports Licensed and Tailgate Industry Green-Light January 2008 Show
Buyers, Sellers & Leagues Confirm Need for Strong Trade Event

Time is money. And when there is money to be made in the licensed sports business, timing is important. These two ideas converged in discussions with licensors, licensed manufacturers and licensed buyers in the days following the Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show, which debuted in Las Vegas last November.

The result of these talks was a clear, across-the-board consensus: The industry wants and needs a robust annual trade event.

Thus the next Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show will be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 16 to 18, 2008 at a new venue, the Sands/Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tailgate Picnic Show



An Oklahoma football

They Came in Through a Car's Front Windshield
Shatter Sports is Licensing's Latest "Break-Through"
Febuary 13, 2007

Have you heard the one about Kevin Hall, his teenage daughter’s car window and the birth of Shatter Sports? Actually, it’s no joke. As Kevin’s brother, Steve, tells the story, this is how the company got its start.

“He cut a baseball in half and put it on her windshield as a practical joke,” says Steve, Shatter’s Vice President. “Some five years later, you see Shatter Sports products in parking lots and freeways, shop windows and mirrors across 50 U.S. states and four nations.”

A Red Sox Baseball

As most in the industry know, the Shatter Sports signature item is ball decal that appears to be crashing through a window. Hall calls it a “3-D bumper sticker.” Shatter Sports makes 12 different versions and has a patent-pending for its static-cling attachment process.

The big news from the company is its recent launch into the licensed world. The Hall brothers first began exploring the market after doing a custom job for a cross-promotion between Dr. Pepper and the movie, Spider-Man (which has also led to a successful POP business). Currently, Shatter Sports has an agreement with Rico to distribute its pro licensed product (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS), while the company handles college product itself.

“It’s very likely that licensing will become a big part of our business,” says Hall. “It will certainly expand our retail reach and make Shatter Sports more applicable on a regional basis. Plus, we can do virtually anything in 3-D—a school mascot, for instance.”

A Virginia Tech soccer ball

Shatter Sports is already in several big-box stores and sporting good chains. The company has also struck a deal with Wal-Mart to place collegiate, NFL and MLS product in 2,500 locations. According to Hall, Shatter Sports also does a healthy business with independent retailers. “The Mom & Pops have always been a major focus,” he says.

In addition, Hall foresees the day when Shatter Sports is an impact hot-market player. “We can do anything on a moment’s notice,” he says. “We already do a lot of custom work. We can turnaround just about any job in 24 hours.”

“It’s not that often that a new idea comes along that will also be around for a long time,” Hall adds. “Shatter Sports is a great opportunity.”



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