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Nebraska football is where Anderson got his start.
Camera Ready
Rick Anderson Enterprises Looking to Extend Its Reach in Licensed Photography
July 29, 2008

When Rick Anderson celebrated the birth of his son in 1987, he had no idea the bundle of joy also heralded the start of a new career. “I bought a camera and photographed him everyday,” recalls Anderson. “I learned a lot.”

Six years later, Rick Anderson Enterprises was born. The company offers a wide variety of prints and posters, including an impressive selection of licensed shots of college stadiums. Among Anderson’s other lines are City Skylines and the American Series.

An LSU print from the 2008 BCS Championship Game.

“We’re licensed with more than a dozen schools, including Nebraska, Ohio State, LSU, Texas and Oklahoma,” says Anderson. “It can be a tricky business. When a team is winning—in the top five or top ten—they sell very well.”

Anderson has also found that event photography is popular. He has shot all of the big ones, including the College World Series, Final Four and various bowl games. Like everything in his collection, unframed prints and posters carry a suggested retail price of $35 and framed pieces go for $99.

Ohio State football is typically a big seller.

“Women are great customers,” says Anderson. “They often buy our prints as gift items.”

Expansion is on the company’s agenda for the foreseeable future. Anderson says that current distribution channels include art galleries and bookstores. He would like to increase his presence at retail. Anderson adds that pro stadiums are on his radar screen as well.

“I’m waiting for the right time,” he says. “These images sell themselves.”



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