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Flying Colors Polo
A Power Force band in Oklahoma colors.

Band Aid
Power Force Bringing Relief to Retailers Nationwide
August 3, 2011

When Power Force launched a year ago in October, the company's mission was very clear. "Our goal was to build our brand and be the dominant player in the market for high-quality ion-infused sportswear accessories and apparel," says Dana Voss, Marketing and Operations Coordinator.

Ten months later, nothing has changed—except that Power Force has already moved swiftly toward executing its plan. That's thanks in part to a well-coordinated licensing strategy. Power Force currently has deals in place with some 80 schools. "We wanted to start with a bang," says Voss.

The company is expecting big things come this fall. "We'll be running an ad in the college football preview issue of ESPN The Magazine," says Voss.

Power Force is also aggressively pursuing major league licenses. First up is the NFL. According to Voss, an agreement is pending. Power Force will look into MLB and the NHL next.

"We're eager to open additional markets, especially in the Northeast," says Voss. "Our products appeal to a wide variety of consumers."

Key to that appeal is negative ion technology, which many believe helps promote wellness and good health. Power Force's take on this technology is known as 8ight. The company first incorporated it in its sports bands. New items are on the way, including apparel and shoes.

"From the gridiron to the court," says Voss, "Power Force is helping athletes and fans represent their team with pride."




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