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Three Cheers for Pomchies
Colorful Product Line Impacts Bottom Line for Wide Range of Retailers
May 20, 2008

It’s all about team colors. That’s the secret behind the success of Pomchies, the bright and beautiful pom-poms that hit the market about five years ago and have been retail gold ever since. The company’s customers range from school stores to stadiums, and include traditional sporting goods venues and grocery chains, where sales are particularly strong.

“Pomchies are a fun add-on item—good quality and inexpensive—that adds color to a store and really brightens up a retail space, ” says Heather Logan. “We have all the fashion colors, and every combination of school and team colors.”

Pomchies retail between $5.95 and $8.95 and are available with a 50-piece minimum that includes a free display. The product is offered with different headers aimed at various ages from young kids to young women.

Also in the Pomchies line are Pomshoes and Pom IDs. The Pom IDs luggage tags have been out for a couple of years and are very popular. Whereas women tend to be the purchasers for most Pomchies products, Pom IDs have developed a devoted male audience. High-visibility and team colors has proved to be an awesome combination around the luggage carousel.

“I have more men coming up to me saying how much they love their Pom IDs,” says Logan. “They can spot their bags from a mile away.”

What’s ahead for Pomchies? What else? Pom Headbands. They’ll be ready this summer.



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