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Busch Stadium Patch


Licensing Outlook:
Q&A with Shawn Dean
of National Emblem

August 22, 2006

National Emblem has a reputation for reproducing logos, team mascots and other sports images in high-quality collectible emblems. In many respects, the company's work is limited only by its clients' creativity. According to Shawn Dean, however, National Emblem does not have the market "sewn up" by any stretch of the imagination. As he points out, there are still some fantastic opportunities at retail.

LOGO!: How is National Emblem viewed within the licensed sports marketplace?

Shawn Dean
: National Emblem is best known for quality and service on the duplication of brand and licensed Marks. We are day in/day out the "go-to" company for professional leagues' premier event emblems. As for creative marketing uses for emblems, NE is known for its innovation of high-end collector sets and other items, such as greeting cards/season ticket jackets that include a collectible emblem.

Cal Ripkin Patch

LOGO!: When a consumer purchases an emblem, how likely is he or she to actually affix it on to an apparel item?

Shawn Dean: Unlikely. The vast majority of our collectible emblems require a heavy plastic backing affixed to the back of the authentic emblem. The product is intended for collectibility use only; i.e. framing with a ticket stub, program, jersey or other sports collectible items. This is to protect emblems from being sewn to unlicensed apparel. Exceptions do exist with the NBA, which allows special event emblems to be sold without this backing—giving consumers more freedom to use the product.

LOGO!: Which items are perennial best-sellers, which have done particularly well in the past year, and what is in the pipeline for the months ahead?

Shawn Dean: Like many licensed products, best-sellers are driven by league-leading teams and special events, such as stadium celebrations. This season the St. Louis Cardinals, team anniversaries, and postseason events such as the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, and World Series. The pipeline always has something new, as different teams get hot or announce special event celebrations which will lead to one-time opportunities for collectors to acquire unique authentic nostalgic emblems.

Terrible Towel Collectible

LOGO!: Besides traditional sporting goods stores, what types of accounts have done well carrying your products?

Shawn Dean: Sports Collectible and Memorabilia frame shops, or businesses specializing in the same, are becoming a significant client base, as this business segment is using more emblems to create greater authenticity and value-added pieces.

LOGO!: What does your company see as the great untapped retail venue? What types of stores should be carrying your product, but perhaps haven't yet realized the opportunity?

Shawn Dean: Gifts Shops (including Airport Stores) located in cities with rich sports team traditions, and that attract significant tourism. A tourist in Chicago is likely to pick up a Cubs emblem while they're in the city as opposed to ordering one online.




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