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Margaritaville to Headline Las Vegas Tailgate Event
Margaritaville Takes the Party On-The-Go at 2010 Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show
September 10, 2009

In parking lots from coast to coast the party just seems to get bigger and bigger. With over 70 million Americans expecting to participate this year, business is booming in the burgeoning Tailgating Industry. The latest sign of the times for this market—projected at $10 to $13 billion for 2009—is the announcement that Margaritaville has signed on as a principal exhibitor of the The Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in Las Vegas.

Margaritaville has committed to a major piece of show-floor real estate to launch a brand new line of products designed for tailgaters and will partner with Showproco, LLC to bring in other mainstream tailgating exhibitors. Margaritaville is also planning events and programs to transform Mandalay Bay into the center of the tailgating universe.


“This relationship was a natural,” says Asoka Veeravagu, Director Business Development for Margaritaville Cargo at Jarden Consumer Solutions. “Margaritaville as a brand is all about the party, and tailgating represents the ultimate in outdoor party fun. The companies exhibiting at this show, and the retailers who do their buying there, fuel a fanatic desire for tailgating and an unquenchable thirst for casual escapism. For more than 20 years, Margaritaville has embodied this lifestyle of outdoor fun – so we see this as an excellent opportunity for retailers in our industry to strengthen ties with the dedicated, passionate tailgater.”

The Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show is the only trade event celebrating America’s 24/7 passion for all things sports by bringing together tailgating and sports licensing companies in one exciting exhibition. It will be held January 20–22, 2010, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. Exhibitors are comprised of sports licensing manufacturers and distributors, tailgating equipment and food companies, and team spirit manufacturers. The trade-only event is produced by Showproco, LLC and has been held in Las Vegas since 2006.

“We have devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort toward strengthening what we always saw as an obvious connection between sports licensing and tailgating,” says Stanley Schwartz, Show Director at Showproco.


“Over the years thousands of retailers have shopped this show and discovered this dynamic relationship, broadening their customer bases and increasing their revenue streams. With iconic lifestyle brands like Margaritaville getting behind the show, we think people in tailgating and sports licensing will look back at January 2010 and say I was there when these industries became one.”

The strategic partnership certainly makes sense from a bottom-line standpoint. Although no business is recession-proof, tailgating and sports licensing share an important quality: In good times and bad, sports fans demonstrate their team spirit, loyalty and camaraderie with their wallets. “It is just a remarkable phenomenon,” says Hardy Katz, Show Director at Showproco. “Whether it’s the NFL Playoffs, a minor-league baseball game, or a pee-wee soccer tournament, we gather by the millions—awash in our team colors—to eat, drink and swap stories at tailgating events.”

The theme of the 2010 Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show is “Strength In Numbers.” Those numbers quite literally speak for themselves. In 2009, tailgate sales are projected at between $10 to $13 billion, sports licensing sales at over $15 billion, and team spirit sales at more than $8 billion. In terms of GNP, the combined economic strength of the industries represented in Las Vegas would make this show the 65th richest country in the world!




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