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The Fan Mug is functional of many levels. For example, it can also be used as a desk caddy.

Football Feast
Marketing Results Adds NFL License to Impressive College Lineup
June 21, 2011

As NFL owners and players continue negotiations to solve their labor dispute, retailers are cautiously eyeing licensed products to fill their shelves for the coming season. One company that is worth a second look is Marketing Results out of Columbus, Ohio. Moving into its second decade of operation, Marketing Results has positioned itself as a full-service tailgating supplier.

"We're a one-stop shop for all your tailgating needs," says Vice President Larry Spunt.

Marketing Results originally made its name in collegiate licensing with a wide selection of items for parties and picnics. Currently, the company boasts a roster of more than 70 schools. "Ohio State has been our biggest seller," says Spunt.

The casserole combo includes a glass dish and an insulated carry bag.

That could change now that Marketing Results has signed a deal with the NFL. The company will offer about 30 items in all 30 teams. "The NFL license opens new markets for us," Spunt. "It enables us to service our customers all year round."

Attractive price points ranging from $5 to $15 have always been the domain of Marketing Results. That will remain the same with the new NFL products. The Fan Mug is a perfect example of what makes Marketing Results so popular with fans. "It's shaped like a helmet and features graphics that really stand out," says Spunt. "You can use the Fan Mug for hot or cold drinks."

Marketing Results has also found a winner with its casserole combo with carrier bag. Ideal for tailgating, it allows fans to get piping-hot home-cooked meals to the game.

"We're not in the commodity business," says Spunt. "We offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Call us at 614-575-9300, extension 21, for more information."





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