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The KanJam retail package

Kan Do
KanJam Preparing for Industry Debut
October 26, 2009

There is a lot to be said for humble beginnings. Just ask Mitch Rubin, one of the co-partners at KanJam. Fifteen years ago, nobody but a few buddies in Buffalo knew about this fun outdoor game, which is sort of a cross between basketball, hockey and soccer though played with a frisbee. Today, millions of teenagers and college students nationwide are playing KanJam annually—and loving every second of it.

“KanJam is sold in over 600 retail outlets across the country,” says Rubin. “The game is used in nearly two-thousand schools as part of the PE curriculum, and it’s popping up everywhere on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook pages. We’ve developed grassroots marketing like no other.”

Indeed, Rubin and partner Charles Sciandra have their own YouTube video in which they explain KanJam and how to play. From that web page, visitors can access dozens of other videos about the game as well. In addition, the KanJam website includes a blog used by thousands of players.

Action from the KanJam 2008 World Championship

“Our target audience is men and women ages sixteen to twenty-five,” says Rubin. “But in reality KanJam is a blast for anyone of any age.”

Rubin and Sciandra have been deliberate in building their company. They have invested money wisely and avoided expanding too quickly. The result is a sound business infrastructure that is ready to handle whatever the marketplace throws its way.

“We’re fortunate in that we started with the independent retailers and created a foundation with them,” says Rubin. “Eventually the regional chains and big-box stores came to us. We’re expecting to secure West Coast distribution in 2010.”

KanJam is also set to make its industry debut at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in January. It will mark the company’s first appearance at a trade show of any kind. “We chose this show because KanJam is a great tailgating game,” says Rubin.

People of all ages love KanJam.

KanJam also has obvious licensing tie-ins, which the company is eager to explore. That may be another item on the agenda for Las Vegas.

In the meantime, says Rubin, the company will continue to move forward with its current business plan. Customized versions of the game have done extremely well with brands such as Budweiser and LaBatt. And at a retail price of $39.95, KanJam is attractive to virtually all consumers.

“Plain and simple, people love to play KanJam,” says Rubin. “It’s played in all fifty states and on college campuses across the U.S. We’ve even shipped to Australia. KanJam is a game people are totally passionate about.”




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