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The Versa 100
Grill Seekers
Jackson Grills Hoping to Make Inroads in the U.S.

January 14, 2010

Grilling is to tailgating as hockey is to Canada. Nobody knows this better than Roger Ketch, Sales Manager for Jackson Grills, which operates out of British Columbia. The company is celebrating 10 years of making some of the best specialty grills on the market.

“We started with a basic model back in 1999,” says Ketch. “From there, it evolved into a family of products. Our first portable grill debuted in 2003. Today, we offer the Versa 100 and Versa 75. We designed them specifically for tailgating.”

And both do the job like a champion. “The Versa 100 and Versa 75 are versatile and functional,” explains Ketch. “They are built to last and have a heavy-duty burner system. You get the same quality as you would with a grill three times the size.”

The Versa 75

Quality is clearly a point of pride at Jackson. So is functionality. To that end, the company is rolling out a new tailgate swing-arm system, which was created to complement the Versa series. “It works with any type of vehicle,” says Ketch. “The grill mounts on top and can rotate.”

Ketch hopes that the swing-arm will help Jackson attract even more business at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show. The company is making its first appearance in Las Vegas. “We’re looking for more exposure in the U.S.,” says Ketch. “We’d like to find new dealers and distributors.”

Jackson will also consider licensing opportunities, terrain that’s new to the company. “We’re interested in branding and private label business,” says Ketch.

He believes that Jackson’s reputation for excellence will go a long way toward achieving that goal. “All grills aren’t created equal,” says Ketch. “We’re serious about performance and durability.”




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