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The Jersey Naps’ unique folding design.
Setting the Table
Jersey Naps Help Retailers Tap into Female Consumer
October 14, 2008

Women are sometimes an overlooked consumer in the licensed sports marketplace. But given their role in family purchasing decisions, this can be a costly mistake. That is one of the reasons why Jersey Naps has become such a valuable supplier for retailers nationwide.

“Jersey Naps resonate with women,” says Chief Marketing Officer Will Katz. “The reaction we get is consistent—Jersey Naps are the cutest thing they’ve ever seen. That drives an emotional connection to the product.”

Also driving that connection is the fact that Jersey Naps are made in the United States. As Katz explains, the company chose to reverse the trend of shipping manufacturing overseas. “The product came out of China in 2005,” he says, “and test markets showed tremendous success. We decided to bring a state-of-the-art facility to Ashland, a town in northern Wisconsin. Jersey Naps helped revitalize the community.”

Jersey Naps stand up to add decorative flair to any party.

The company has also invigorated retailers in a variety of distribution channels. The 2-ply napkins are designed for both function and fashion. They are suitable for parties, tailgating and everyday use.

Jersey Naps are also a no-brainer when it comes to licensing. The company has more than 50 schools in the fold, plus MLB, NHL and the Kentucky Derby. “There are lots or people who view Jersey Naps as a collectible for autographs,” adds Katz.

Jersey Naps exhibited at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show earlier this year, and Katz is excited to return in January of 2009. “We signed up in Las Vegas on the spot,” he says.

Jersey Naps found a receptive audience at the show, including professional teams interested in the product as a promotional item. “Our product is highly relevant,” says Katz. “Jersey Naps are innovative, eco-friendly and made in the USA.”

And they bring women into the consumer mix. What more could a retailer want?



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