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An Alabama no-spill drinking cup in its Game Day packaging.
Licensing Outlook:
Q&A with Carter Wallace, Vice-President for Jenkins Enterprises
August 12, 2008

Do you have questions about the college sports world? Then perhaps you should check out the Magic Answer Ball, one of the new licensed items available from Jenkins Enterprises. If you’re more interested in what else is on tap from Jenkins, then Carter Wallace is the guy to talk to. He sat down with LicensingOutlook.com to discuss his company and the state of the marketplace.

LOGO!: Jenkins offers a wide variety of products, collegiate licensed gifts and souvenirs of all kinds. What does best for you?

Carter Wallace: Currently our best selling items seem to be our new line of baby goods. We offer a pacifier, no-spill cup, bottle, bib and infant cat. It has been fantastic. Customers are not just buying one item out of the line—they are buying the entire line.

The new die cast truck from Jenkins, in Georgia red and black.

LOGO!: What else is new from Jenkins?

Carter Wallace: We are introducing several items just in time for back to school. First, there’s a die cast truck with pull-back action. It features team colors and logos on the doors and hood. We have already had a tremendous response on this item and know it will be an outstanding stocking stuffer.

Another new item is the Magic Answer Ball. Ask it anything, and then turn it over to reveal the answer.

LOGO!: Jenkins has been in business since 1976. How has the marketplace changed during that time?

Carter Wallace: For Jenkins, college merchandise used to be seasonal, with the vast majority of our sale happening from August to October. They normally tapered off by the first week of December. That is not true anymore. Most of our customers maintain a full college set in their stores year-round. They constantly call us for reorders.

Jenkins has also unveiled the Magic Answer Ball, a sure hit with college sports fans.

LOGO!: Has this changed the way you do business?

Carter Wallace: Our biggest challenge as a company is the same as it is for retailers. We have to stay focused and do what we do best. Be proactive—and not reactive—in designing innovative items, calling on customers, taking care of the customer and opening new accounts. Let the competition react to my company, not the other way around.



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