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Blow-Up Fun
Instant Tailgate to Make Industry Debut in January
October 19, 2009

Talk about inflation in a tough economy. Saed Hamad, the founder of Instant Tailgate, has decided to tackle the problem head-on. At the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in January, he will debut his flagship product, an inflatable tailgating set-up complete with chairs and a canopy. The inspiration for the East Carolina grad was simple.

“I’m a big sports fan,” says Hamad. “For football games, tailgating was all about comfort. We used to rent a truck, pack up recliners and couches, and then head out to tailgate. I wanted to create an equally comfortable experience without all the work.”

Instant Tailgate does just that. It measures 8 feet by 10 feet—the size of a standard parking space—and inflates in just a few minutes. Deflating the Instant Tailgate and rolling it back up can be accomplished in the same amount of time. A pump, which hooks up to a car battery or lighter, comes with the package.

The Instant Tailgate—fully inflated.

Made from high-quality pvc material and covered by a smooth canvas, the Instant Tailgate is durable and will withstand the elements. It includes four captain’s chairs that inflate with the entire package.

“We’ve finished our demos and prototypes,” says Hamad. “Now we’re starting the manufacturing process. We’re planning a soft rollout this fall. We’ll travel to schools around North Carolina and pop in on as many college football games as possible.”

Currently, Hamad has no plans to license the Instant Tailgate. Instead, he will make the product customizable in a wide variety of team colors. Included in the custom package will be wrap-arounds for the canopy posts and “hoodies” for the chairs.

Hamad is particularly excited to see the response to the Instant Tailgate in Las Vegas. “It should be a good show for us,” he says. “My goal is to get the Instant Tailgate into big-box stores. It’s a unique product. Everybody and anybody who tailgates can use it. Call me at 919-766-0789 for more details.”




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