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Sports Licensing & entertainment Marketplace
Sports Licensed and Tailgate Industry Green-Light January 2008 Show
Buyers, Sellers & Leagues Confirm Need for Strong Trade Event

Time is money. And when there is money to be made in the licensed sports business, timing is important. These two ideas converged in discussions with licensors, licensed manufacturers and licensed buyers in the days following the Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show, which debuted in Las Vegas last November.

The result of these talks was a clear, across-the-board consensus: The industry wants and needs a robust annual trade event.

Thus the next Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show will be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 16 to 18, 2008 at a new venue, the Sands/Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tailgate Picnic Show



iFanatic’s signature product, a Nano 2G Gamefacez cover, in UNC colors.

What an iDea!
iFanatics Helping Licensed Dealers Go Digital
May 29, 2007

No one has to tell retailers about the explosion of the digital lifestyle products market, especially on college campuses across the country. For example, some 80% of iPod users are college students, many of whom split their usage between educational pursuits and entertainment. This fact alone has made iFanatic’s arrival in the licensing world particularly well timed.

“Business is booming,” says company president Kevin Hines. “iFanatic makes high-end, superior-quality iPod skins, cases, and protectors. Our products are designed for the true fan in all of us, with extreme graphics, colors, and classic styles. This is a huge market with endless opportunities.”

iFanatic is a newcomer to the marketplace. In fact, the company won’t celebrate its first birthday until this fall. But that hasn’t stopped Hines from creating a nice splash in licensed products. iFanatic’s main line is a series of iPod cases. The company has more than 50 schools in the fold, plus the World Poker Tour. According to Hines, however, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

A World Poker Tour Video 5G Pokerfacez cover.

“We plan on branching into new products such as FM transmitters, iPod alarm clocks and iPod arm bands,” he says. “We’re working on deals with MLB and the NFL, which we hope to have in place by the fourth quarter of this year. We’re also talking to Warner Bros about international soccer.”

Increasing distribution is at the top of Hines’s wish list. Currently, iFanatic products are sold mostly through college bookstores. Hines sees tremendous potential for expansion. “Specialty stores, big retailers like Modell’s and the smaller Mom & Pops,” he says. “Airport locations are also great options.”

“There is an amazing crossover between the licensed world and consumers of digital products,” adds Hines. “Think about how many games are now being podcast. The National Championship game between Florida and Ohio State was available on iTunes. And our strategy is to go after items that already have a strong market share. The demand is simply huge.”



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