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The cover of the Red Sox book (second edition).
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Hawk’s Nest Publishing Redefining Licensed Best-Sellers
September 22, 2008

You won’t find many better Red Sox fans than Peg Connery-Boyd and her family. In fact, the Boyds’ love of the Beantowners has given life to one of licensed sports world’s most intriguing companies. Hawk’s Nest Publishing produces MLB coloring and activity books for kids.

As Connery-Boyd notes, however, adults have just as much fun with them. “The books are targeted to children ages seven to twelve,” she says. “But they are equally popular with adults. I was at a trade show recently, and the guy in the booth across from me spent an afternoon on one of our crossword puzzles.”

Currently, Hawk’s Nest offers three titles: the Yankees, Mets and of course, the Red Sox. In the works are the Cubs and Dodgers. In addition to crosswords, each 60-page book features word searches, match games, connect the dots, realistic images and coloring activities. “These books are truly high quality,” says Boyd, who does many of the sketches. “There is also an educational component to them, including the history of the game and the team.”

An interior page from the Yankees book.

So far, Hawk’s Nest has found receptive markets in stadium shops, toy stores and book retailers, both the majors and independents. Connery-Boyd says the company is eager to expand. “We’re crossing into the gift market,” she notes. “I’m also excited about other licensing opportunities. First, however, we want to make sure our distribution is as sound as possible.”

In the meantime, Connery-Boyd says Hawk’s Nest has a proven seller for just about any retailer out there. “We’ve tapped into something special,” she explains. “People who love baseball love our books.”



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