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Fan Creations’ European style stroller features official school colors and logos embroidered on canopy and front.
Fan Creations Setting New Standards in Home Decor
September 16, 2008

Is craftsmanship a lost art in the sports licensed business today? Not when you consider the offerings at Fan Creations. Since its launch in 2001, the Georgia manufacturer has been producing some of the industry’s most charming items for the home and office. According to CEO Kevin McClary, attention to detail is a hallmark at Fan Creations.

“We’re very selective in what we do,” he says. “For example, we don’t use stickers or decals on our products. Everything is painted.”

The results speak for themselves. Among the top sellers at Fan Creations is a variety of logo wall art—beautiful decorative pieces that come in two sizes, 31 inches and 46 inches. On the other side of the spectrum, says McClary, strollers also do well, particularly in the spring and summer.

“All of our products are sports-themed,” he explains. “We’re licensed with more than 25 schools. We’re also looking to expand into the NFL.”

Fan Creations’ helmet wall art utilizes layers of dimensional cutouts of the logo and headgear, which are nailed to a solid helmet shell.

Speaking of expansion, Fan Creations is preparing for a major product debut in 2009. Leading the way is three-dimensional helmet wall art. “We’ll be providing full solutions for a bedroom or game room,” says McClary.

That focus fits perfectly with his philosophy on working with retailers, especially the little guys. “Our role is as a consultant,” explains McClary. “For example, we never push a particular product or minimum order. In fact, if a retail partner can’t display an item properly, we’ll suggest something else.”

“We view everyone as a partner,” he adds. “We want you to be successful.”



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