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The Snuggie, in Alabama and Auburn versions.

Warming Up to the Licensed Business
Fabrique Innovations Turning Heads—and Profits—with the Snuggie
March 9, 2010

What were the showstoppers in Las Vegas at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show this year? No doubt that the licensed Snuggies from Fabrique Innovations was among them. “Every major retailer came by to see us,” says Sy Garfinkle.

Fabrique’s Snuggies were a follow-up to two other successful lines, the Bagamore collection and Scrub Dudz. According to Garfinkle, the Snuggie line is outpacing both. “Sell-throughs last year were 98 to 99 percent,” he says.

Scrub Dudz are another popular licensed item.

Garfinkle attributes that success to several factors. “We’ve learned that the licensed industry provides a huge captive audience,” he says. “Once you’ve graduated from a school, for instance, you’re a fan for life. That gives us an advantage, because we’re always innovating and creating new products.”

Indeed, Fabrique has already added an NFL pillow Snuggie for 2010. That fits nicely with the company’s other licenses—MLB, NBA, NHL and about 60 schools. “Our plan is to continue to expand the brand and look for more licensing opportunities,” says Garfinkle.

To do that, Fabrique will do what it does best. “We believe in our products,” says Garfinkle. “We take care of our customers. We don’t ask anyone to buy a lot of upfront.”

His advice to retailers and buyers of licensed products is also straightforward. “Never turn down an appointment from a salesman,” he says. “Even in a tough economic environment, you can always find customers if you create a product that people are passionate about.”






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