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The MotorHead from FAB Grills
Get Your MotorHead Running
FAB Grills Hopes to Enter Victory Lane with New Grill
May 19, 2009

If two heads are better than one, then what do you get with three “garage heads”? The one and only propane MotorHead Grill from FAB Grills. The company appeared at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show last January and is now ready to launch expansion plans for 2009 and beyond.

“We honestly believe in our faith,” says Russ Freeman, one of FAB Grills’ three owners/partners. “It’s part of what we do as a business.”

Freeman invented the MotorHead with childhood friend Jay Thurman. The two grew up in Laurel, Mississippi. They began tinkering with their idea in 2003. “Our ‘Ah-ha’ moment came when Jay walked into the shop and discovered me welding the headers onto the barbeque grill,” Freeman recalls. “It wasn’t long before he grabbed another welder and helped me complete the task at hand.”

The MotorHead is all about family fun.

The pair later welcomed Chris Moss to the team. He heads up the business end of things. “Our target market is car enthusiasts and NASCAR fans,” says Moss. “The MotorHead is also a great promotional item.”

Freeman, Thurman and Moss introduced the MotorHead a year ago at the Memory Road Show at the Texas Motor Speedway. The response was excellent. “People commented that the MotorHead is a great way for any classic car, hot rod or NASCAR fan to become a member of the motorsports enthusiast's club without spending thousands of dollars and own something they can brag about,” says Freeman.

The trio emphasizes that the MotorHead is first and foremost a top-of-the-line grill—and not a novelty. “The look and style are extras,” says Moss. “The MotorHead is also easy to transport, so it’s perfect to tailgating.”

Currently, FAB Grills has focused most of its sales and distribution on the East Coast. But that will son change. “We’re looking to expand, particularly in the West,” says Moss. “The MotorHead is a unique opportunity for retailers and distributors. A licensing deal with NASCAR is also a possibility.”




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