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Eyeblack.com has caught on with college fans, opening new markets for the product.

In Plain Sight
Eyeblack.com Ready to Attack the Retail Marketplace
June 9, 2008

Peter Beveridge, President/CEO of Eyeblack.com, knew he had something special on his hands from the moment he introduced his product more than three years ago—even if most in the licensed industry didn’t. A new twist on traditional eyeblack for athletes, Beveridge's product line was an immediate hit with the college players in his test market.
“I launched with some ACC football teams,” recalls Beveridge. “The players loved our eyeblack. The reaction from the industry wasn’t the same. I could see people’s eyes rolling back. That’s the irony. Our eyeblack has become a ubiquitous item in the licensed market. Now everyone gets it.”

A look at Eyeblack.com’s new blister packaging, which is ready for rollout at retail.

For 2008, Beveridge is making sure that retailers nationwide are included in that “everyone.” Initially, Eyeblack.com focused primarily on team dealers. Now the company is ready to attack the licensed arena as a whole.
“Our core constituency will always be athletes,” says Beveridge. “But a nice byproduct has been college fans. They can wear the exact same eyeblack as their favorite players. We’re talking breathable medical grade tape with college logos. Our goal is to get our product is every sporting goods store and bookstore in the country.”
Eyeblack.com is off to a good start from a licensing standpoint. The company has more than 50 schools in the fold, including those from all the major conferences. Eyeblack.com has also received great media coverage. Pictures of athletes and fans in the company’s product have been featured in magazines and newspapers across the nation.
To help extend its reach at retail, Eyeblack.com recently debuted new packaging. “We’re offering a two-pair blister package,” says Beveridge. “The graphics are clean, clear and powerful.”
Given the solid foundation that Eyeblack.com has built, Beveridge is confident that retail success is just a matter of time. “We are a unique company with a unique product,” he says. “The same customers come back year after year. The potential for mass distribution is huge.”



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