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The IN1000i
Sounds Like A Winner
Eastern Generators Deliver Clean, Quiet & Affordable Powe
December 28, 2009

American tailgaters power an industry with annual retail sales that have topped the $10 billion mark in recent years. What powers tailgaters? Small-wattage generators—the kind Eastern Tools & Equipment has been manufacturing since 2000. The company specializes in 800– to 4000–watt open-frame generators for emergency power outages, but over the years these models have also become the choice of campers, adventurers and tailgaters, too.

“We dominate the inverter market,” says Paul Adams, National Sales Manager US & Canada. “Our generators are small, compact, easy to carry and easy to use. And being inverter generators, they clean the power an additional step above the alternator.”

The IN3500i

Hardcore tailgaters are drawn to Eastern generators for their quiet running, but also their ability to reduce the percentage of thermal harmonic distortion (THD).

“This makes it safe for any electronic equipment,” explains Adams, “including plasma TVs, cell phone chargers, computers, and XBoxes. The low THD protects it from surges, spikes and valleys.”

For many years, tailgating aficionados typically went toward Honda generators, which did a good job of stamping out the competition. Eastern succeeded where others failed by offering an opening pricepoint product that delivers, quiet, clean power.

“Even though you want to get away from your laptop, sometimes you can't,” Adams says. “The advantage of a lightweight tailgating generator is that it allows you to bring power in small packages anywhere you need to go. Now inverters are affordable for everybody.”




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