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Belts with school logos have helped make Enmon Accessories famous.

Belt for Success
Enmon Accessories Making Licensing Fashionable
December 27, 2010

The next time you watch a big-time college football game, look closely at the waistline of each coach. No, not to see if they’ve put on a few pounds. Rather, chances are they’re wearing a signature belt from Enmon Accessories.

“That’s one of our claims to fame,” says Terry Enmon, vice president of Enmon Accessories. “More than 70 Division 1A coaches wear our one of our belts on the sidelines.”

Terry and his wife Jan started their company more than a decade ago. They got into licensing almost immediately, and the results have been phenomenal. “Our first school was TCU,” says Terry. “Today we have more than 90.”

A pair of Ohio State flip-flops show off the Enmon “concho.”

Enmon’s focus on licensing helps set apart its range of stylish gifts and accessories. So does their unique “concho” decoration—silver-plated emblems with a glossy finish. “The concho appears on every product we offer,” says Terry. “It makes each piece almost like a collectible.”

The top sellers annually from Enmon are belts, wallets and flip-flops. For 2011, the company is launching a collection of jewelry that includes everything from necklaces to charm bracelets. “Our products retail very well,” says Terry. “No one has our selection or understands the marketplace like we do. We can make a lot of folks a lot of money.”

Enmon hopes its pool of retail partners expands as the company pursues more licensing opportunities. “We’re looking at professional leagues,” says Terry. “The time is right.”

Jewelry is the latest addition to the Enmon product line.

The plan is to explore these options during the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in January. Enmon will be exhibiting for the second year in a row. “Last year’s show was fantastic,” says Terry. “We’re looking forward to another productive show in 2011.”




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