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The original Grill Topper

Top Dog
Designcast Specialties Turns Grill Topper Into Its Own Brand
March 30, 2010

The first time we reported on Designcast Specialties, the company was launching its flagship product, the Grill Topper. What a difference a year makes! According to Division Manager Jory Dyvig, the Grill Topper has become its own brand. In fact, at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show in January, Designcast Specialties introduced a full line of products under the Grill Topper banner, including gloves, aprons and various grilling tools.

“Branding the Grill Topper has opened a lot of doors,” says Dyvig. “We can now cater completely to tailgaters. There’s a sense of comfort in rolling out new products.”

The Grill Topper turns any outing into a show of team pride.

That was certainly the case in Las Vegas. “Because of the Grill Topper, we’re now a recognized entity,” says Dyvig. “We had a great show. We doubled our both space and had a lot of traffic, including many influential buyers.”

Those buyers liked what they saw. Designcast Specialties continues to expand its licensing reach. The company has more than 40 schools in the fold. It is also eyeing the NFL.

“That’s the next logical step,” says Dyvig. “We’ve entered into preliminary discussions with the league. We’re also exploring other avenues, including Ford and the U.S. Army.”

All of this activity is part of a grand plan to make the Grill Topper a leader among tailgate brands. “We’re still in our infancy, but things are going great,” says Dyvig. “Not every company can say that in this economy. But we make high quality, unique products. There’s always a market for those. We will continue to maintain our high standards.”




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