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The game that got it all started for CSE Games.

Gametime Decision
CSE Games Hits the Market with Portable Digital Socreboard
March 22, 2011

Fabio Del Rio has always been a sports fan, not to mention an athlete. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Del Rio was a southpaw hurler on the school's 1998 club, which won the Canadian national championship. He also spent three years as an editor for a sports collectible magazine and worked for an NHL trading card company. Given his background, it wasn't quite a stretch when Del Rio and his brother decided to formulate CSE Games.

"We came up with the idea for our first product in 2006," says Del Rio. "We called it Card Football. It was a football board game that incorporated the classic elements of playing cards."

Card Football was very well received. It was named a Top 10 Card Game of 2006 as well as a Top 10 Football Game of All-Time by About.com. "That very same year we launched a hockey version called NHL Ice Breaker," says Del Rio. "It was named one of the top 10 board games of 2006 by

The Gametime Scoreboard

The latest offering from CSE, however, is all about keeping score in games. Last year, the company introduced the Gametime Scoreboard, a portable digital scoreboard and time-keeping device with a powerful dual-speaker audio system, with built in hockey sound effects. "The special sound effects bring the feel of the stadium or arena home.," says Del Rio.

CSE had the Gametime Scoreboard on display at its booth during the 2011 Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show. The company also introdcued the a Florida Gators version of the product in Las Vegas."We're looking to have a wonderful year," says Del Rio. "There will be other versions of the Gametime Scoreboard available soon."




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