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A miniature Yankees bat

A Novel Approach to the Licensed Market
Coopersburg Sports Offers Unique Combination of History and Innovation
November 11, 2010

For retailers and buyers looking for a licensed manufacturer with a proven track record, it’s hard to ignore Coopersburg Sports. Family owned and operated, the company has been in existence since 1791 when it began making distinctive turned wood products such as tool handles and military pack shovels. Coopersburg turned its attention to sports in the 1950s. “We produced full size bats for some major league players before MLB licensing ever existed,” says company president Scott Pino.

Today, Coopersburg is still known for big league lumber—but of the miniature variety. In the early 1990s, the company got into the licensing game with MLB. The first products to hit the market were miniature bats. “We started with the Dodgers and our reputation got us into all 30 teams,” says Pino. “From there, we expanded into Minor league baseball and collegiate licensing.”

A Red Sox umbrella

At the same time, Coopersburg increased its selection of products. Included among the company’s current offerings are novelties like pens and key chains as well as various raingear items such as licensed umbrellas and rain ponchos.

According to Pino, Coopersburg’s patented decorating and printing capabilities make all of the company’s products stand apart from the competition. “For instance,” he says, “we can put images of stadiums directly on bats, like a tattooing process. No one else in the industry has the equipment to do this.”

That technology, in fact, is the basis for Coopersburg’s newest entry, nylon sleeves with MLB tattoos that fans wear on their arms like the real thing. “It’s almost impossible to tell that they’re fake,” says Pino.

A sleeve tattoo for the champion Giants

Coopersburg will have its full product line on display in January when it returns to the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show. The company had been absent for the past few years, but Pino sees 2011 as a perfect time to exhibit again. “We’re doing things that no one else in the industry is doing,” he says. “That includes 3-D logos, which we’ll roll out next year.”

“We’re also on the cutting edge in terms of hot markets,” Pino adds. “Coopersburg is one of the most innovative manufacturers of licensed novelties around.”




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