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The CanCooker
Any time, Any place, Any where
Can-Do Cooking Gets A Stunning Makeover
October 6, 2009

Three months. More than 5,000 units sold. Those are the kind of numbers that should catch the attention of retailers who cater to the tailgating market. The product is the CanCooker, an elegantly simple idea that has been updated with ultra high-quality construction and materials.

The CanCooker creates healthy, delicious, complete meals with basic ingredients and a simple heat source. Thus far the bulk of sales have come through outdoor retailers and web sites, but according to creator Seth McGinn, his company has its eye on the lucrative tailgating and picnic market.

“It’s like convection-cooking with steam,” he explains, adding that everything from preparation to clean-up is simple. “The food just tastes phenomenal. The meats are done perfectly; the vegetables retain their colors and nutrient value. It’s almost too easy.”

The CanCooker is simple to use.

This style of cooking harkens back to the days when ranchers used milk cans to prepare slow-cooked meals while working the range. These cookers were the centerpiece of many a communal cookout. The old cans did a decent job, says McGinn, but the problem was that they were made of galvanized metal with a lead-soldered bottom. They didn’t take the heat very well and weren't particularly durable.

“We tried making one out of stainless steel, but it had poor heat-transfer problems, and cleaning was difficult,” he says. “Finally we used 1060 FDA-grade aluminum in a one-piece construction. From a cooking standpoint, you can’t do much better than that.”

With the CanCooker, cooking time for a typical meal is reduced from three or four hours to one or two. The CanCooker is especially helpful for cooking Midwest, Cajun and New England style foods. Among the thousands of the CanCooker’s devotees is outdoor icon Travis “T-Bone” Turner.

The CanCooker can be used virtually anytime and anywhere.

The CanCooker sits on any outdoor grill surface, and can also be used indoors on a stovetop. It retails for $109. How long will the CanCooker last?

“I’ve cooked over 300 meals with mine,” says McGinn.

The key to the CanCooker’s success will be educating the public on what it is and how well it works. McGinn likens the process to that of the turkey fryer. At first no one understood what it was. Over time, more than two million were sold. Two million sounds like a healthy number to the folks at CanCooker. They plan to make their first foray into the tailgating market at the 2010 Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in Las Vegas.





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