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Images from C3D literally jump off the page.

Picture This
Creative 3D Ready to Take Sports Images to the Next Level
June 30, 2011

Is 3-D technology the next great frontier in the entertainment industry? With the advent of ESPN's 3-D channel and the onslaught of 3-D movies being made, the answer appears to be a resounding YES. The folks at Creative 3D have seen the future, and they're taking it one step further: licensed 3-D images of professional athletes that don't require special glasses to get the full effect.

"We believe that 3-dimensional imaging is finally here to stay," says David Bagliebter, C3D's Chief Executive Officer. "By the year 2015, much of the posters, pictures, and images seen in sports memorabilia stores, as well as on television and the Internet, will be done in 3D."

Bagliebter knows a marketable idea when he sees one. The former General Counsel of ProServ, he went on to open The Michael Jordan Steakhouse at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Now Bagliebter is teaming up with Bill Iler and Brad Ingalls to turn C3D into a household name.

C3D has already gotten a jump on the competition with licensing deals with the NBA, MLB and NASCAR. The company has also begun talks with the NFL, NHL and UFC about similar agreements. "We started in licensing with Disney," says Bagliebter. "We did a series of 3-D posters of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter."

C3D has brought that same technology to sports imaging. Still relatively new to the marketplace, the company's primary goal is to increase its exposure and get into as many retail outlets as possible.

"We're taking a shotgun approach," says Bagliebter. "We're looking at distribution through the leagues. We're talking with independents and national retailers like The Sports Authority."

According to Bagliebter, nothing beats the word-of-mouth buzz created by C3D images. "The first question we always hear from sports fans is: Where can I get one?" he says. "Our images are rally amazing," he adds. "You won't find a better 3-D image anywhere."





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