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Ballpark Classics is great family fun.

Batter Up
Ballpark Classics Swings for the Fences in Licensed Games
December 13, 2010

The trend toward high-tech gaming shows no signs of slowing down. But Doug Strohm, president of Ballpark Classics, believes there are other options for family fun time. His vintage tabletop baseball game is the perfect example.

“Ballpark Classics is a treasured gift and a long-term fan favorite,” says Strohm. “Our game brings families and friends together for a great experience. Our game is precision engineered to use gravity, simple physics, and friction to create an amazing baseball experience that needs no batteries or electricity.”

The inspiration for Ballpark Classics came to Strohm as a teenager growing up in the Midwest. “Whenever the fair was in town,” he says, “my friends and I would play this baseball pinball game. I wanted to re-create that experience.”

The licensed Fenway Park edition

Strohm launched Ballpark Classics in June of this year. He currently offers three versions—licensed replicas of Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium and the generic MLB version. “We began shipping in September,” says Strohm. “The response has been great. We working on ten new stadiums, five from the American League and five from the National League, for 2011.”

Part of the appeal of Ballpark Classics is the craftsmanship and exacting detail that goes into each stadium. The hardwood used in each model comes from Vermont, and the infield and outfield grass is high quality felt. “These are scale models,” says Strohm. “Each game is a tribute to favorite teams and stadiums.”

Ballpark Classics, however, are more than show pieces. “The game plays like real baseball on a flat field,” says Strohm. “It's not a pinball game. Ballpark Classics simulates real baseball better than any product of its kind ever made. We market it to ages thirteen and up, but younger kids have just as much fun with it.”

The licensed Yankee Stadium edition

Ballpark Classics will make its industry debut at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show in January. Strohm is eager to meet with specialty retailers, independents and smaller chains. He feels his game will be a big hit with baseball fans.

“We’ve created the signature home game for baseball for the game room,” says Strohm. “Baseball Classics is our field, your dreams.”




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