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Mississippi State apparel from Bo—one of the schools that started it all for the company.
Bo Knows
Bo Enterprises Making Its Mark in Licensed T-Shirts
May 5, 2009

What’s the hardest thing to find in the licensed collegiate marketplace? For many retailers and buyers, it’s original product. James Bowens, founder and owner of Bo Enterprises, has the answer.

“We’re constantly creating new ideas,” he says. “All of our apparel is fresh. It’s made to hit the college market in a unique way.”

Indeed, Bo Enterprises has set itself apart with t-shirts that resonate with college sports fans, particularly girls and women. Currently, the company’s primary area of concentration is licensed product for schools located in the Southeast (24 in all), but an ambitious plan for expansion is in the works. Bowens says he will apply for more collegiate licenses this summer and hopes to have a broader national presence by January of 2009, when his company will make its debut at the Sports Licensing & Tailgate Show.

The Peace Y’All t-shirt has become one of Bo’s best sellers.

“We’d like to have 40 to 45 collegiate licenses by the end of the year,” notes Bowens. “We’ll also be bringing our Girlie Girl and Momma Says lines to Las Vegas.”

These lines are a good example of what makes Bo Enterprises so distinctive. Girlie Girl and Momma Says combine funny tag lines, fresh graphics and funky color combinations for one-of-a-kind stylings. According to Bowens, both collections have proven extremely popular.

“They do really well in college towns,” he says. “We can’t print enough of them.”

In fact, given the strong performance of Girlie Girl and Momma Says, Bowens is exploring similar lines for grandmothers and guys. It’s a good thing that the company has a top-flight manufacturing and printing operation. “We have several commercial-grade presses,” says Bowens.

“Customer service is a big part of what we do,” he adds. “I’m a huge sports fan, and college sports will always be our focus.”




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