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The BIC FlameDisk® retails for $4.99.

Flame On
BIC USA Rolling Out Hot Products for 2012
January 5, 2012

Few exhibitors at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show embody the spirit of these two markets as well as BIC does. The company's product mix appeals to both the devoted sports fan and the dedicated tailgater. If you happen to sell to both consumers (as many retailers do) then a stop at the BIC exhibit is well worth penciling in to your show itinerary.

Sports fans may already be familiar with BIC® Pro Series® Lighters, featuring some of the most popular teams from professional football, baseball, hockey and soccer. Suggested retail for the lighters is $1.79.

"These are traditional BIC pocket lighters with team logos and color schemes," says Rick Pecka. "Retailers do well with teams in their area, of course, and consumers consider them to be collectibles."

For tailgating retailers, the story for 2012 is the BIC FlameDisk® , an aluminum disk that contains solidified ethanol and fits in most charcoal grills. It is more portable than traditional charcoal and cleaner because no ash or soot is produced. The company started shipping it in the fall.

"You peel off the film cover and place the FlameDisk in your grill, light it with a BIC® Multi-Purpose Lighter, wait four minutes then cook food. FlameDisk provides approximately 35-45 minutes of grilling time without the mess of soot and ash." explains Pecka. "The retailers now carrying the FlameDisk like how innovative it is, and appreciate the simplicity of it. Consumers do, too."




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