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NCAA pacifiers, one of Baby Fanatic’s top sellers.
Oooh, Baby, Baby
Baby Fanatic Singing a Sweet Tune for Retailers
May 14, 2009

One thing that never wavers—even in difficult economic times—is the allegiance of college sports fans. You can say the same about sales of baby and toddler products. That’s what makes Baby Fanatic such a solid bet for licensed retailers.

“As businesses talk about the gloom and doom of the retail market, we saw our sales increase throughout 2008,” notes company Mom and CEO Tricia Woodson. “Our products have a passionate side that simply delights the moms and proud dads that are buying our products at every type of retailer imaginable nationwide.”

Baby Fanatic got its start in 2003 when Woodson was looking for a gift for a friend’s newborn. A diehard Virginia Tech fan, she couldn’t find anything in the collegiate marketplace. “I realized there was a need for a licensed baby accessories line,” Woodson recalls.

Sippy cups are another popular item.

More than five years later, Baby Fanatic is one of the industry’s best success stories. The company is licensed with more than 40 schools, and the list expands every year. Products range from pacifiers and bibs to sunshades and rocking chairs.

"We have enjoyed tremendous sell-through with our line in department stores, grocery stores, drug chains, sporting goods stores, and gift and baby specialty boutiques throughout the country that are looking to stock their shelves with great impulse items,” says Woodson. “All of our products are tested by independent, third-party labs”

Now comes more good news from Baby Fanatic. The company is set to debut MLB product. Woodson believes the new line will go a long way toward strengthening Baby Fanatic’s reach in the North, where the company is still introducing itself to retailers and buyers. “We’re also working on deals with other leagues,” she adds.

“Our goal is to be the single source for baby licensed goods,” Woodson says.




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