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Sports Licensing & entertainment Marketplace
Sports Licensed and Tailgate Industry Green-Light January 2008 Show
Buyers, Sellers & Leagues Confirm Need for Strong Trade Event

Time is money. And when there is money to be made in the licensed sports business, timing is important. These two ideas converged in discussions with licensors, licensed manufacturers and licensed buyers in the days following the Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show, which debuted in Las Vegas last November.

The result of these talks was a clear, across-the-board consensus: The industry wants and needs a robust annual trade event.

Thus the next Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show will be held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 16 to 18, 2008 at a new venue, the Sands/Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tailgate Picnic Show



The NASCAR Teether Star Ring Rattle, which will be available in all four drivers.

Family Affair
ABC Development Making Push with Licensed Products for Toddlers and Parents
September 18, 2007

The licensed sports industry is always on the lookout for a new up-and comer. ABC Development could well be the next big thing. The company has been around for two decades, but its primary focus was toys and feeding products for mass market and baby specialty. Starting in 2008, ABC will attack the sports licensed marketplace more aggressively than ever before.

“We’re really excited,” says Kelly Rundle, Director of Marketing. “ABC has grown and evolved with our retail partners over the years. Sports licensing will open new markets for us.”

It’s not like ABC is a total neophyte to the licensing game. The company has a full line of NASCAR items, including a very popular sippy cup. ABC also works with such noted brands as Spider-Man, Tonka and Strawberry Shortcake. According to Rundle, however, the company is prepared to take its sports licenses to the next level.

NASCAR Insulated No Spill Cups, ABC’s best-selling toddler item.

“We just recently signed on with Major League Baseball,” she reports. “We also now have four NASCAR drivers under license—Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.”

The addition of MLB and the quartet of NASCAR superstars should benefit ABC and its retail partners greatly. Under the MLB banner, the company will offer a variety of toys and feeding products, plus a new line of stretched canvass paintings. Initially, ABC will market seven teams: Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Cardinals, Dodgers, Cubs and Braves. “We will expand as we se fit,” adds Rundle.

The plans for NASCAR are equally ambitious. ABC is shifting its focus mainly to Gordon, Johnson, Stewart and Junior. Products will feature each driver’s number and signature. ABC is also introducing new items in its an auto accessories line for adults.

ABCS’s NASCAR Kick Mat, part of the new line of auto accessories for adults.

“When it comes to marketing our products, there’s crossover between parents and their kids,” says Rundle. “When you’re dealing with the age range of three- and four-year-olds, they often know what they want. They can pick out their favorite driver or team.”

Of course, the buying decisions usually are made by mom and dad, which is why ABC is reaching out to parents as well. “We have an auto shade that has done quite well for us,” says Rundle. “We think out auto accessories line will be a big hit.”

ABC will get a good gauge in January of 2008 when it debuts at the Sports Licensing & Entertainment Marketplace and Tailgate • Picnic Show. “We’re very excited,” says Rundle. “We’ve seen success with NASCAR, and we believe we can match it with MLB.”




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